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Aircon Astiquer is well established in Singapore, having over 10 years of experience in providing Singapore air conditioning sevices. Aircon Astiquer is well trained in various types of aircon maintenance, repair, cleaning & servicing techniques. We have been innovative & building unique aircon cleaning machines that is extremely rare in today's aircon servicing world. Our aircon service techniques are out of the box and uses customized patent pending technology ChemJET & HydroJET.

ChemJET is ASTIQUER's proprietary air con service cleaning method that uses high pressure water jet (1500psi) and alkaline coil cleaner for a very thorough and cost effective cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner.

HydroJET is ASTIQUER's proprietory aircon service cleaning method that uses high pressured water jet (1500psi) to flush the moldy blower. This method is used when the fan coil is not choked but the circular fan blower is choked and moldy. If the blower is oily, chemical degreaser can be applied to remove the oil.

Aircon Astiquer provides quality aircon servicing & cleaning services that comes with very high quality. We also offers aircon maintenance & repair service that fits the needs of most home users & companies.

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Aircon Maintenance


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