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Aircon Astiquer is a small innovation driven company run by its founder Kevin Tan. Aircon Astiquer is specialised in servicing and repair of
air conditioners.

Kevin is the inventor of the all in one high pressured chemical cleaning machine. We will continue to refine and build better    
machines to further improve our productivity. We are by far the most competitive in pricing for the achieved results.

We are highly specialised in the repair of air conditioners. We keep common parts on the move and we are able to rebuilt control logics for your condenser (non-inverter) should your PCB be obsolete. We are also able to modify the indoor remote control PCB should your model be obsolete too. Thus we achieve Island-wide On The Spot repair standard. By doing so, we remain the most competitive in repair pricing  
and quality.

The Founder:

kevin linkendin

The company was founded by Kevin Tan (Bsc, Hons) since 2001. Kevin had spent many years designing and building different types of  
cleaning machines. Kevin is very passionate about his job and is a very friendly person. Kevin wishes to dedicate his life to innovation and invention.

Running my first Full Marathon

kevin marathon 2004

My Inventions:

CLEANING SYSTEM AND METHOD (IPOS patent number 201202052-5)

6th machine- look at the height!          7th machine, aircon in cabinet      7th machine, TV under aircon

aircon cleaning machine 1st generation aircon cleaning machine 2nd generation aircon cleaning machine 3rd generation


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Adarsh Bhat : Staff Engineer, Software at Rockwell Automation
Finding someone good to service your aircon in Singapore is not easy, so when I accidentally came across the website for Astiquer aircon it at once struck me that this was not your average aircon company. I immediately contacted Kevin to set up an appointment and have ever since been availing his services for the past year.
Kevin is extremely passionate about his job which is quite evident from the way he has gotten down aircon cleaning to a science. On our very first appointment he explained to me the inner workings of the aircon and the reasons why a general servicing does no good to it. One look at the filthy water collected at the bottom of his cleaning machine at the end of the first session was all it took to convince me completely.
I would definitely recommend Kevin's services to anyone I know. Give him a try and it'll be quite obvious to you that you've been doing it wrong all along.


Johan Vrancken : Global Business Director at eYeka - online consumer co-creation
The world simply needs more people like Kevin. Based on a sincere passion for air conditioning systems, he developed and patented his own proprietary air con cleaning tools. He's by far the most trustworthy expert in his field.


Jaap Huigen: Professional
The prospect of a good night sleep literally falls through the cracks when the aircon goes into cardiac arrest. How to resuscitate it? Well in most cases you would not know where to start. The smart thing to do is to call Kevin Tan of Astiquer. Kevin is not your regular air con repairer, he conducts forensics similar to what we see on TV in series such as CSI, conducted at crime scenes. Kevin tracked the cause of the aircon failure to our use of essential oils and fragrences in the bathrooms. Well we enjoyed the fragrence but the aircon failure caused a stink. All the pipes had a slimy mold that hindered flow and drainage of condense water. It was because of the essential oils. Why did not i think of that? Well it takes smarts and expertise to diagnose problems swiftly. That night I enjoyed a well deserved rest. And how about the essential oil? Well that found its way into the bin. If the trade off is aircon failure, it is not worth it to scent the bathroom. If you like a swift diagnosis of your aircon issues, call Kevin.


William Jr Lim: Senior Music Instructor at Motivate Music School
His Aircon services are innovative and unlike any others. And advices well on necessary solutions.


Jamie Donoghue: Business Manager - Service Management at Orange Business Services
Kevin provides an excellent service with his customised air-con service. We had previously contracted other cleaners who were not able to obtain the same results. After Kevin had finished, the air-con units looked brand new! I definitely recommend Kevin's service.


Virginia Yu: Associate Director, FXmicropay at Royal Bank of Scotland
In a highly competitive industry of airconditioning services, Kevin brings along a distinct advantage of having a deep understanding of various airconditioner units & its technical intricacies.
With each service call, Kelvin takes time to analyze and recommend the best approach for airconditioning issues. Kevin takes time to explain the problems to his customers to ensure possible causes are understood and can thus be avoided next time - a true professional.


Lilian Chan: Sourcing, Production & Merchandising Management
Kevin has been my aircon service provider for almost a decade. He is a very dedicated person who gives very clear and precise advice to clients, which can help save cost yet effective. My whole extended family has since been using his services and we are all very happy with the results. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs it.


Irina Loo: Associate Director, Commercial Dept at Aon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Kevin helped me service and maintain my air conditioning units at a reasonable price. He made them look like brand new!


Gary Gooi: Retiree
I have used Kevin's service for > 3 years, specifically for his CHEMJet cleaning service.

Kevin is NOT your typical aircon servicing agent who con you into signing up yearly contracts, just to do superficial fancoil cleaning; smoke you into doing unnecessary dismounted chemical cleaning by risking damages to the coolant joint; and so on and so on... if you have aircon at home, you would have probably encountered such contractors.

My 13 years old SHARP aircon are still going strong, after using his service.


Jacob Gooi: Independent Financial Services Professional
Kevin is very proficient with his work which I regarded him as the expert in this field, and I have found no other.
He is very passionate about his job, and that is a perfect fit for him!


Henry H L Lim: Sr Consultant, Business Continuity Management
Kelvin has been in aircon cleaning business for more than a decade, he is professional and an expert in this servicing aircon machine with his own invention. His work is excellent and a reliable contractor.


Shoji Takeishi: Online Marketing Specialist at Edmund Optics Singapore
His service is excellent and professional. It is worth visiting his website if you are looking for aircon service.


Kenny Yu: Partner Alliance Manager at CHASSasia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Kevin knows air conditioners inside out and is able to eradicate molds and germs within your aircon system with his jet wash -- a cleaning device of his own design -- where other providers just remove the surface dusts. He holds an engineering degree and is doing this business out of his passion. Thumbs up service and highly recommended.


Wyan DeFilippo: Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP BD+C
Kevin has provided a level of professional service that has far surpassed any of our expectations. From general services to repair work, Kevin has been able to fix anything our older Aircon has sent his way. We highly recommend him.


Philippe Caenaro: Consultant at Redfaire
Kevin came to clean my aircon a few times. He has a unique and very efficient system. The aircon is cleaned thoroughly, which lasts longer (1 cleaning per year max), without chemical so it does not get damaged, and without any mess!
Kevin also provides good advices on how to keep the aircon units running smoothly and preventing damages/dirt.
Kevin is the only person I'll call for aircon cleaning.


Sanjeev Gupta: Principal Technical Architect, DCS1
I found Kevin via his website 5 years ago. He is in an industry that has no concepts of customer retention, and competes on price. The quality of work he provides, the attention to details, and his domain knowledge are superlative.


Jarrod Wee: Software Manager at Third Sight Pte Ltd
Highly recommended! You'll be amazed by his innovative self-invented contraption for aircon servicing - must see to believe... :)


Chwee Teo: Business owner at apartment rentals
Kevin is very intelligent and creative in solving my aircon problems .He thinks of solutions that normal aircon technicians would never have thought of.He even invented his own special machines to help clean the aircons properly and effectively.He is also very friendly and is willing to educate you more on the aircons and he can give you many useful advice regarding use of the aircons.In some cases Kevin managed to solve the problem in 1 visit while other aircon technicians might need several visits to solve the problems.


Jamil Pungot: Sales at PERI ASIA Pte Ltd
He is a detailed person in terms of aircon technical explaination. Recommendations given are useful in maintaining aircon capabilities. Job done is of good quality and quite fast.


Ardhi Harianto: Sr Failure Analysis Engineer at Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

We hired Kevin to service our system-4 air-conditioning. On the day, he showed up with his own 1.8m-tall machine that he invented. His work was detailed, comprehensive, and most importantly, fast and clean.

His appointment system is very straight-forward. He is always contactable, and he answers all your questions and concerns before recommending the most suitable solution. He is very knowledgeable. You can see it yourself by the amount of work he puts together to build the website

He also charges reasonable amount of money for his superb works. By the way, I am not paid a single cent to write this recommendation.

To make long story short, our aircond system may be a little old, but it's still working well, thanks to Kevin.


Charles Chow, Presales Manager at Hitachi Data Systems

Excellent understanding in matters with regards to air-conditioning. Detailed explanation and service. Definitely a class above the usual air-conditioning service folks.


Steve Farquhar ASJ Airconditioning and Appliance Services

Kevin has assisted me on numerous occasions when diagnostic information has been required. Much appreciated. Thanks Kevin


KC Kong Product Manager at StarHub

turns aircon cleaning into an art... his self-invented machine and technical knowhow make short work of the dirtiest aircon :).


Anson Road, International Plaza
#16-16, Singapore 079903

Phone: (65) 90674867
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Business Hours:
Accepts phone calls and enquiries daily from 8am to 8pm.

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri :
10am to 5pm

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