Aircon is not cold >Determine if it is producing cold air

Fundamental Concept:

Cold Fan Coil  + Strong Airflow = Cool Air

When your air conditioner is not cold, it can either be that your Fan Coil is not cold or the airflow is weak or both.
Therefore, it is important for you to know if it will be a repair job or merely a servicing job, or both.

man facing wall mounted aircon with strong cold air man facing aircon with weak cold air

man facing aircon with weak warm air man facing aircon with strong warm air

Systematic Troubleshooting :

Step 1:

Turn on the air conditioner and make sure it is set to the cool mode. Set the temperature to the minimum and wait for
approximately 3 minutes, the compressor should be running by now.

Step 2:

Climb higher so that you can put your hand very near the aircon blower outlet. The outlet temperature should measure
about 16'C  when the room temperature is about 28'C. As the room cools down further, for example, to 25'C, the blower
output temperature can be as cool as 12'C. If possible, use a thermometer. With bare hands, you may not be able tell
25'c from 28'c , but i think you should be able to tell that difference between a 16'C from a 28'C, right?

hand on aircon louvre

How does the wind feels like to you?

1. Warm
2. Cool
3. Not Sure